Vertical Joy | Pole Foundations

Vertical Joy | Pole Foundations

11 Episodes

Covering everything from your first spins, to transitions, climbs, holds and simple tricks. The foundation series will cover beginner to lower intermediate moves, and the fundamentals will cover intermediate moves that build on what is covered in the foundations. Over time I will be adding to this, building a library of breakdowns of tricks for higher levels, as well as more complex transitions.
We are sharing the first episode with you for free, so you can try pole at home, or get back into it, making sure you use the correct form. { }
This video, along with the remainder of this series and a few following series will be uploaded to a subscription service.
(I promise, in later videos, I do get better at interacting with the camera - I am much more comfortable with real people, so using a camera in this way was more than a bit strange for me).

The subscription service will contain exclusive content not available on the rentable playlists.
Not only that, but you can access our Pole Foundations and Fundamentals page on Facebook, along with a linked group, so that you can share your pole journey, ask for help, and discuss future content that you would like to see.
Without the current benefit of a studio space, we want to make this as interactive an experience for you as possible.
Pole is not just about the moves, its also about the community, so come and be part of ours.

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Vertical Joy | Pole Foundations
  • Trailer

    Short trailer depicting effective use of beginner level moves and transitions.

  • Pole Foundations Episode 1

    Episode 1

    In this video we break down each spin to explain correct from and engagement and how you can make the muscles engage.
    Learn the basics of grip, engagement and movement as we take you through these moves to build your strength.

    We cover:
    Front hook
    Back hook
    Sunwheel (AKA Attitude)
    Close Contact ...

  • Pole Foundations Episode 2.

    Episode 2

    Taking a trip into the land of courage, because some element of bravery is needed for tackling the spins in this session.

    Kiss (AKA Side spin)
    Tuck Spin
    Cradle Spin

  • Pole foundations Episode 3.

    Episode 3

    Looking more in depth at the sunwheel and back hook spins and the engagement needed, as this sessions spins are based on the building blocks of these moves. Also covering conditioning exercises to promote healthy muscle and joint engagement.

    Sunwheel and Backhook revisited
    Reverse Sunw...

  • Pole Foundations Episode 4

    Episode 4

    These spins require a lot of concentration to maintain the engagement. Please do not continue to train if your arms and shoulders start to feel fatigued.
    In this episode we discuss the use of momentum and its importance to the maintenance of form, and how to use it to gain core stability.


  • Pole Foundations Episode 5

    Episode 5

    For each of the spins covered, I give you options for each grip and the safety and ways to engage each one.

    Carousel Spin
    Angel Spin
    *Bonus : Fireman & Firelady

  • Pole Foundations Episode 6

    Episode 6

    Combining what we have learned so far, this is your first introduction to some fairly complex transitional moves.
    Fan Kicks
    Scissor Kicks
    Turning Kick / Illusion Flip

  • Pole Foundations Episode 7.

    Episode 7

    In this video we cover
    Dip and Pivot a.k.a. Step around.
    Pirouette - We look at different hand grips and positions for this, and include multiple type of pirouette, with both forward and reverse turns.
    Back-Arch - We take you through the basics of this move, and the different ways in which you c...

  • Pole Foundations Episode 8

    Episode 8

    Creating shapes with your body is part of Pole Dance.
    These moves will help condition you, and build your balance and flow. Creating a grounding for you to begin linking moves.
    i) Back Arch
    From the basic back bend, we look at the different ways we get into back bends and the way we can...

  • Pole Foundations Episode 9

    Episode 9

    Taking you through stabilising and strength building holds and slides, and the basics of several sits/holds put together to help develop skin tolerance for moves further down the line.
    Bonus content for subscribers with the beginners climb.

    Prayer hold
    Prayer slide
    Pole sit...

  • Pole Foundations Ep.10

    Episode 10

    Starting from scratch, we cover conditioning to help condition the muscles needed to safely lift and engage during an invert.
    We look at the different body parts that engage and go through exercises to get the muscles and ligaments ready for what you're going to put them through.
    These movements ...