Vertical Joy | Pole Foundations | Playlist 3

Vertical Joy | Pole Foundations | Playlist 3

This playlist covers the 4 essential transitions needed for any pole journey.
Dip and Pivot
Pole squat
Ballet Hook

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Vertical Joy | Pole Foundations | Playlist 3
  • Dip and Pivot a.k.a. Step Around

    Learn to shift your weight from one foot to the other, while travelling 360 degrees around the pole.

  • Pirouette

    This video includes different variations on pirouettes. As an essential move for any pole dancer, it is worth learning the different variaitions. We cover both inside and outside leg turns, and cover use of inside and outside hands with traditional grips, and server grip.

  • Pole Squat

    We look at the ways in which to perform a basic pole squat. Before developing it, looking at the different ways into it. We cover it from a Split grip and a true grip, and then link them together for a transitional pole squat.

  • Ballet Hook Transition

    We use the Ballet hook as an interval during routines, and as a way to link moves together.
    Also, it is an excellent move for conditioning.
    During this video we examine ways in which we can use this move for different conditioning techniques, as well as making use of it as a transition.