Vertical Joy | Pole Foundations | Playlist 2

Vertical Joy | Pole Foundations | Playlist 2

Taking you through the basics of pole dance, for the complete beginner or those revisiting and rehabbing.

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Vertical Joy | Pole Foundations | Playlist 2
  • Corkscrew

    In this video, we look at how to engage the shoulders and chest while jumping up into a move.
    Learning how to use the momentum of a hop/jump, to swing yourself around, and arrange your legs to create the corkscrew motion.

  • Pencil Spin

    Using techniques developed when working on the corkscrew spin; the Pencil works on transmuting the momentum created to engage the core in a manner that works with the centripetal force. This is more noticeable when the pole is switched to its spinning function.

  • Forward Stag

    This is useful for developing your co-ordination. It combines elements of the basics already covered and assembles them in a new way.

  • Carousel

    Momentum is really useful for this one. We are looking at correct shoulder and chest engagement to get the correct push/pull on the arms for a safe transition around the pole.

  • Angel Spin

    Looking at different styles of pole, to which this move can be applied. Also examining the different levels of engagement and positioning needed for the reverse lift of the legs.

  • Boomerang

    As one of the more difficult beginner level spins, this is not so much about the upper body strength that we have worked on up to this point, but focuses on the engagement of your quads and hamstrings.
    This is part of the reason that I focus so much on active flexibility training, as it develops...

  • Bonus Fireman-firelady

    This is often taught as one of the very first spins. However, I feel that without the correct shoulder and arm engagements being drilled by other spins first, these spins can allow you to lose engagement in the top arm as you pivot towards the pole. This is why I have placed them in this order.