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Up Next in Vertical Joy | Pole Foundations | Playlist 1

  • Cradle Spin

    Continuing on from the movement covered in the tuck spin, we are developing the use of the outside leg for momentum, with the use of a split grip bracket hold instead of the traditional/baseball split grip used in the tuck spin.

    Creatures of XiX Red Leggings
    Creatures of XiX Black Selen...

  • Reverse Sunwheel

    Seemingly simple, the Reverse Sunwheel is a combination of a Back Hook and a Sunwheel, using techniques for entering both to transition around the pole in a new way.

  • Reversed Reverse Sunwheel

    Taking a further look at the leg shapes within this spin. leading this time with the knees instead of with the feet. As a beginner level spin, this helps develop your co-ordination and muscle memory for engagement, and provides possibilities for future transitions.

    Creatures of XiX Leg...