Pole Foundations and Fundamentals

Covering the moves that should be the foundation of every pole dancers repertoire.

This range of instruction videos has been created from a home studio, courtesy of the COVID 19 lockdown in the UK.
With over a decade of experience in pole dance, and over 6 years teaching, this content has been put together to help others experience and enjoy this amazing activity from the comfort of their own home.

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  • Single Moves | Pole Foundations | Tricks/Holds

    2 videos

    Single moves, focusing on engagement, stability, conditioning, and preparation, along with comprehensive instruction.

  • Choreography

    1 video

    Series of short choreographies. We will aim to add new ones regularly.

  • Vertical Joy | Pole Foundations | Playlist 1

    11 videos

    Taking you from your very first spin.
    These spins have been produced and collected in order as each technique builds on the one before.

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